NHLTR: Dallas has received multiple offers for Jamie Benn

The Dallas Stars are off to an underwhelming start and there's a ton of chatter circulating that their management team is as frustrated as ever, after they spent the offseason trying to upgrade the roster. The biggest issue being the Stars brought in older/veteran players in a young mans league, and the early return is not working out. Teams have noticed, and the Stars have been contacted about the availability of superstar Jamie Benn.

According to sources in contact with Stars management, the Stars have indeed been contacted by two teams regarding the structure of a Jamie Benn trade, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Montreal Canadiens.

Jamie Benn has a full no-move clause, and last season when the ownership called out the players, trade rumors circulated then, but the believe was the Vancouver Canucks and the Vegas Golden Knights would be the only two teams Benn would waive for. Both west coast teams, something the Stars weren't interested in completing.

A lot of variables involved and the first step is Benn's happiness in Dallas, so if that does not faulter, no chance a deal is finalized. The Stars at a minimum would want multiple draft picks, an NHL top-6 forward, and a blue chip prospect.

If the Stars continue to fail, prepare for the potential of major changes in Dallas. The ownership group and the players have been at odds for years, and enough could be enough down in the lone star state.

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