Video: Stanley Cup Champ Blues visit the White House and President Trump

The long standing tradition of the Stanley Cup Champions visiting the White House and current President of the United States took place today, and there were some cringe worthy moments. Most of the Blues players and staff members were on hand for the ceremony.

President Trump went through his standard dialogue when a championship team attends as he took time to remember certain points of the playoffs. This time around, President Trump called up goaltender Jordan Binnington and let's just say, things were a touch awkward.

It didn't stop there, as Trump felt it was a good time to make comments about politics and his possible impeachment while the Blues were still on the podium with no where to hide.

Hard not to feel for the Blues who had to go through the awkwardness. It is kind of ironic the team meets with the President of the United States when half of the team resides in Canada.

For the full welcoming and presentation, see below:

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