Wild coach Bruce Boudreau calls out his team after loss to Maple Leafs

Wild coach Bruce Boudreau admitted on Tuesday night, he's been looking for some magic potion to make his team faster, but doesn't feel he's going to be able to find it anytime soon. The Wild followed up an ugly 2-0 win over the Senators with a dismal effort against the Maple Leafs and their head coach let them know it.

During Boudreau's media availability after the loss to the Leafs, the Wild head coach made mention there isn't an Auston Matthews type of player on his team that can carry his team any given night, that is team needed to win ugly and work harder than the other team. Boudreau went on to call out his team for trying to keep up with faster teams, and questioning how this strategy of being the slower team trying to keep up is going to be successful.

At least the head coach knows what he has in his roster. A big slow group of 30 somethings with oversized contracts who aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Boudreau wants his team to grind games out and win boring hockey games. The head coach realizes if they try and skate with other teams in the 'new' NHL, the Minnesota Wild stand no chance.

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