Video: Don Cherry changes his story, thinks Ron MacLean 'buried him'

Don Cherry and Coach's Corner have been a staple in the hockey world for over 4 decades. He was ranked #7 on the All-Time Canadians list, to give you an idea, Wayne Gretzky was #10. As we know, recently his comments shook society to the core, and it appears he's got more to say.

The now unemployed hockey broadcaster says he wanted to adjust, but not offer a full on-air apology for his comments targeting immigrants who he felt weren't wearing poppies. Cherry mentioned to CTV News Toronto that the whole matter 'could've been smoothed over' but the network didn't give him a chance to do what he wanted. Which contradicts what was earlier reported when the firing took place and what details were within the conversation between Sportsnet and Don.

"First of all, I said, 'you people out there', I would have changed that if I had the change to do it over again to 'everybody', to work it in like that". 'You people', I can see how it hurt some people, I really can see it, but I would have said that, and I said if I hurt anybody, then I'm sorry about that".

One person Don isn't apologizing to is his co-host Ron MacLean. Don spoke to media in Toronto about Ron's public apology on Sportsnet's Hometown Hockey broadcast, and he didn't hold back, blaming Ron for burying him on-air.

You can watch the video - click here.

Regardless which side of the fence you sit on here, Don appears to be doing a little back-pedalling as the circus continues. Someone cue the music.

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