Is Taylor Hall Really Worth It?

Without a doubt, Taylor Hall is the biggest fish at this year’s trade deadline.  His 21 points in 23 games and usual dominance has been on display.  And with word on the street being that with just an NHL ready defenseman and a high draft pick, he could be attained, it appears as if Hall is dead set on going to free agency this summer.  

There are a few teams who may be willing to take a run this year as we’ve already heard about Calgary and Colorado’s interest.  But is half a season of Hall really worth it?  And even if you could sign him next year, does your team have 11 million dollars in cap space?  Does it want to allocate that much to one winger?

Chris Kreider, on the other hand, is consistently putting the puck in the net.  He’s a 4-time 20 goal scorer who has paced for 20 goals in 2 more abbreviated seasons, and appears ready to do it again this year.  Two left wingers with offensive potential, just 5 months apart in age and approximately a million and a half in cost, until next year that is.  

Certainly, Taylor Hall is the better player, but by how much and for how long?  If a player like Kreider can be attained for less than Hall and is willing to resign (no doubt for much less), would he be the better choice for your team?  It’s not an easy call, but for my money I’m going with the 6’3’’, 216 lbs Kreider, who plays with an edge and has 23 goals in 77 playoff games.  Who are you pursuing?

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