Opinion: It's time for the Blackhawks and Kings to make a blockbuster trade

The Chicago Blackhawks and LA Kings have a ton in common. Two teams with proven track records which include Stanley Cup championships. Unfortunately, for both teams, with this success, has come expensive contracts and aging veterans, leaving both teams currently in flux. It's time for the Hawks and Kings to come together on a blockbuster deal.

Both teams are chasing a new identity and have added some rookies and unproven players to their roster, looking for any which way to spark their club. So far, it hasn't worked at all.

The Hawks currently sit with 9 points in 12 games. While the Kings aren't really any better, with 10 points in 14 games. Every insider in the league has reported on the Kings and their willingness to move Kovalchuk, Lewis, Carter and Toffoli, however if the Kings really wants to change their identity, they should pull off a blockbuster and bring in a new superstar.

Enter Patty Kane. #88 has been a staple in Chicago, however, this year he's struggling to find his offensive punch. Has the game caught up to Kane? Probably not, he's still as fast as ever, agile, and his hands are scary good. Kane carries a no-move clause, but if things are off the deep end in Chicago, there is potential Kane would be willing to move, and a life in Hollywood could be appealing to the American superstar.

Here me out here. If their management groups can convince these superstars a change of scenery is needed, the Hawks and the Kings should swap Patty Kane for Drew Doughty.

What about a deal centered around #88 and #8, which looked something like this:

To the Hawks: Drew Doughty, Tyler Toffoli, and Jeff Carter
To the Kings: Patty Kane, Brent Seabrook and Zack Smith

The deal is basically a wash for salaries, and gives both clubs a new zest on life. It allows some dead-weight money to move addresses and gives Doughty and Kane a chance to shine for their new team.

A lot needs to happen for a deal like this to go down, I already realize this so take it easy in the comments section. This was more so a time to shine a light on the fact both the Blackhawks and the Kings are in dyer need of a massive makeover, and trading Patty Kane for Drew Doughty would certainly be a start.

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