Report: NHL Players hate Winnipeg, dread visiting the city

The Winnipeg Jets have their core locked up long-term and it appears they are very lucky to be in that position after a report surfaced on ESPN, citing Winnipeg as the league's most dreaded city.

ESPN polled 50 current NHL players and asked them to name their least favorite city, and a whopping 42% voted for Winnipeg, followed by Buffalo at 34% and a distant third was Edmonton at 10%.

Some direct quotes from the player's involved included:

Winnipeg. It's always cold. Tough rink to play in. It's just dirty - you walk around the city and feel like you need to wash your face after you go outside. So nothing about it is very exciting.

Winnipeg is just depressing. You don't even want to leave the hotel to get a cup a coffee.
Quite the promotion, don't expect to see this on any travel brochures in Manitoba. Some other notables from the ESPN were 32% of the players 'don't know' if the league has a cocaine problem. While, 62% voted 'indifferent' on if it was good or bad that the NHL doesn't test for recreational drug use.

For the entire poll from ESPN, Click Here