Report released stating the NHL has a 'Coke' and 'Molly' problem

The NHL and the NHLPA do everything in their power to ensure the players are supported and as 'safe' as possible from outside distractions and hardship. It turns out after a recent report was released in The Athletic, the NHL may have a serious problem with players abusing cocaine and 'molly'.

According to Katie Strang of the Athletic, 'the secret everybody knows' is cocaine and molly are becoming more and more popular around the NHL. Recently the Capitals Evgeni Kuznetsov was banned by the IIHF and the NHL for his positive test of cocaine after a video surfaced showing a white powdered substance in his hotel room. It is believed this was one of the 'last straws' for the NHL and they have since ramped up finding the best solution to make this problem go away.

Back in 2015 an NHLPA executive was asked about the concerns of drug abuse around the league and stated:
It's a major issue that we are trying to find the best solution for. If it's an academy where player's can go to learn about the consequences or having more support from each team directly. Regardless, it's taking over the sport and has executives around the league concerned about player's safety. 
Look for the momentum to gain steam over the next few months and into the next CBA bargaining, as it's expected the league is willing to crack down on more comprehensive testing.

For now, the secret is out, the league has a drug problem and it needs to be looked after before it gets out of hand.

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