Wild coach Bruce Boudreau rips into Sharks' Evander Kane for 'sell job'

Evander Kane has been all over the news lately after a Vegas casino sued him for $500,000 USD for unpaid markers, and now it's a head coach of another team who is fed up with Evander Kane.

Minnesota Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau believes Evander Kane was faking an injury in the third period of Thursday's 6-5 loss to the Sharks, in order to draw a major penalty on Wild forward Ryan Hartman.
Kane did a great job of selling it. Because he went off limping, everybody thought he had a broken ankle and all he missed was one shift. So, you go figure it out. But it was a good job by him to change the momentum. 

Boudreau is referring to when Hartman and Kane were battling for a puck in the third period and Kane first cross-checked Hartman, who responded with a backhand slash to the back of Kane's legs. Kane went down like a ton of bricks and stayed down, the refs huddled and a major was called.

The Sharks held on to win the game, and have seemed to turn the corner a little but on their early season struggles.

Here's a look at what transpired, you be the judge:

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