NHLTR: New Jersey receiving offers for Wayne Simmonds; 3 potential destinations

The New Jersey Devils have let the league know, their players are available, including of course Taylor Hall, the prized jewel, but don't forget about Wayne Simmonds.

Simmonds plays a tough physical game perfect for the playoffs, and has some soft hands around the net to chip in with secondary scoring. He's also not afraid to drop the gloves and stick up for his teammates, which playoff bound teams love to hear.

According to sources in contact with the Devils management team, the team has received more than one offer the past couple of weeks for Simmonds.

As Simmonds only has this year remaining on his contract, at $5,000,000, the gritty forward could be the perfect rental this year, just don't tell that to Predators fans. A deal of a mid-round pick and mid-level prospect could be enough for the Devils to bite as Simmonds isn't expected to stick around next season.

Expect to hear the following teams in the mix for Simmonds' services:
1. Carolina Hurricanes
2. Winnipeg Jets
3. Colorado Avalanche

Simmonds has 4 goals and 7 assists, for 11 points in 29 games. However, his 44 playoff games is what teams are after. And a little bit of this...

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