Video: Teddy Bear Toss Breaks World Record at Hershey Bears Game

In case you were wondering why these people are carrying a giant stuffed teddy bear around, that is because it was Teddy Bear Toss Night at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA! The annual event took place as the Hershey Bears took on the Hartford Wolfpack Sunday evening. After the first goal was scored, just eight minutes and 11 seconds into the game, it was raining teddy bears!

The Hershey Bears, the AHL affiliate team for the Washington Capitals, have been collecting teddy bears in record numbers for the last couple of years. In 2017, they collected 25,017 teddy bears and in 2018, they collected 34,798 teddy bears.

The first goal was scored just over eight minutes into the game by Christian Djoos of the Hershey Bears. Just moments after the 25-year-old defenseman’s second goal of the season was scored, this happened:

It was announced via the Hershey Bears Facebook page Sunday night that they broke a world record collecting 45,650 teddy bears. These teddy bears will be donated to charities throughout the Hershey, Pennsylvania area. 

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