Rumor: Maple Leafs To Acquire Georgiev & Andersson

Alexandar Georgiev and Lias Andersson have been the subjects of trade speculation for quite some time. It has been reported that the Maple Leafs and the Rangers are finalizing a deal that would improve the Leafs' roster and weaponize the Rangers on draft day.

Georgiev being traded was once speculation; it's now been confirmed. Once the Rangers called up their star prospect, Igor Shestyorkin, it became obvious he was being seasoned to ensure Georgiev's departure was a smooth transition.

Lias Andersson demanded a trade just last month, and has announced that his mental health could not be sustained in New York. He was drafted 7th overall in 2017, but his career has been underwhelming so far. Perhaps the Leafs can nurture his skills and turn him into a headline player.

The Leafs are expected to be moving Jeremy Bracco, Dmytro Timashov, and a 3rd round pick in exchange. The Leafs are also prepared to move Michael Hutchinson, but this is likely to be done in a different deal.

"Trading Alexandar Georgiev is the Rangers' only goalie solution. They are in the works of ironing out the small details, but this is now a cerainty"             - Leen Amin

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