Wild head coach with hilarious response when asked about Crosby's return

Bruce Boudreau is one of the most candid coaches in the league, who loves to provide the media with the next greatest sound bite. Today, as his Wild prepare for the Pittsburgh Penguins it presented the perfect chance for the latest segment in fantastic Boudreau quotes.

When asked about his thoughts on Sidney Crosby returning to the lineup, the Wild head coach had this to say on the matter:
I really can't wait. Is Mario dressing for tonight's game, too?
Classic subtle media troll job done by Boudreau here, as we aren't exactly sure what they expected him to say. Nobody actually wants to play against Crosby, and it's a tough break for the Wild to catch Crosby's return front and centre.

The Pens have carried the best record in the league without #87 and expect them to make another run this spring. For the Wild, Boudreau continues to be one of the best coaches in the league, on and off the ice.

Here's a rare highlight of Crosby and Mario on the ice together, look out Bruce!

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