Rumor: Devils trading Wayne Simmonds to Vancouver

The New Jersey Devils have some decisions to make on some free agents to be, and talks are heating up around forward, Wayne Simmonds.

The cost for Simmonds appears to be set on a mid-round pick and B-type prospect. Simmonds is on a one year deal paying him $5 million. If the Devils are willing to eat some of the remaining money left on Simmonds' deal, they will be able to covet a better deal, and continue down their road of rebuilding.

Other teams reportedly circling on Simmonds include Colorado, Winnipeg and the Columbus Blue Jackets. However, a ton of speculation coming from multiple sources, labelling Van-City as the favorite to land the 31-year-old winger.

Tick tock, New Jersey. The fire sale is around the corner.

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