The legend of David Ayres continues next week in Carolina

The Carolina Hurricanes are riding the waves of David Ayres for as long as they can. The 42-year-old Zamboni driving, operations manager/practice goalie infamously led Carolina to victory over the Maple Leafs on Saturday night.

Turns out Carolina would love to host Ayres and his family, and are giving him another job other than stopping the pucks.

Ayres joins a long list of 'celebrities' who have hand-cranked the siren before each period including Christian McCaffrey, Tony Romo, Luke Kuechly and Russell Wilson.

The team also announced briefly after Ayres first ever NHL win, the team will be selling 'Shirsey's' with #90 Ayres on the back, and some of the proceeds are going to a Kidney transplant foundation, as Ayres was the recipient of a kidney transplant from his mom years ago.

If you would like to purchase a shirt, click here. 

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