Bauer Hockey creating protective visors for front-line health care workers

Bauer Hockey for the win! The hockey company is turning their focus from sticks, skates and helmets to protective visors for front-line health care workers. An amazing gesture from one of the biggest companies in hockey and something society should be applauding, as it's efforts like these that keep millions of people safe.

Bauer's vice-president of products, Dan Bourgeois, says he has already received calls from Montreal police, firefighters, and hospitals that are interested in products. The proposed full-face visors are made of plastic and contain anti-fogging material.

The company is awaiting authorization from the Canadian government to start production as the company is based in Quebec and is currently closed.

It's expected Bauer will be given the green light for production as Covid-19 continues to spread at an alarming rate.

Kudos to Bauer for offering their products and coming up with innovative ideas to help. Hockey people are the best.

Stay safe, stay home.

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