BREAKING: ECHL team caught forging player's signature

The Vegas Golden Knights' ECHL team has landed themselves in hot water after they were accused by their own player of forging his signature.

According to the player himself, Will Petschenig, the team forged his signature on a document that forced him onto the LTIR for 14 days. In the ECHL, the league requires approval and signature from the coach and/or the general manager, the player himself, the athletic trainer, and the team doctor.

Petschenig alleges that he was never approached or asked to sign the document. He reached out to the league the following day on February 20th, 2020, requesting a copy of the injured reserve document, where he found his signature.

In retaliation, Will terminated his contract with the organization and released a full statement. Here's the full statement:

Forging a signature on a financial or official document is a class C or D felony, depending on the state and subject to up to 10-years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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