Mitch Marner calls out his Maple Leafs teammates

Mitch Marner put on an absolute show Tuesday night in San Jose. The speedy winger was flying around the ice, displaying his amazing vision, and even chipped in with one of the best goals of the season so far. It was all for not, as his Maple Leafs lost 5-2 to the Sharks, and Marner had lots to say about it after.

The only reason we had a chance in going into that third period was because of Jack. Coming into this game we talked about how they have one of the best, if not the best guy at getting pucks thru (Burns) and we need guys to get in lanes, we need guys to sacrifice for each other and that's something we're just missing. Guys need to buy-in more.

Bold statement from Marner as the Leafs continue to battle the Florida Panthers for the final playoff spot in their division.

Have to wonder if Leafs Nation is worried about their team? Game 67, and one of their best players still feels the team needs to buy-in more...


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