NHL possibly discussing unique playoff format

We all have no idea when the NHL will resume play due to the outbreak of the Coronvirus. The league continues to monitor the situation and NHL insider Elliotte Friedman believes a plan may have already been discussed on how the Stanley Cup would be awarded this season.

Friedman was quoted as saying on the air of Sportsnet 590 that "league officials are recognizing how unique this season is, and is willing to consider unique playoff formats." It is believed that what has been suggested is to allow 24 teams into the postseason this year, instead of the traditional 16. Instead of each series being a best of seven, they would be a best of three with the top four seeds in each conference receiving a first round bye.

This could be the most wide open playoffs of all-time if the NHL does decide to go this route. The NHL playoffs were scheduled to begin on April 8th. Would this new format be fair to the top teams?

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