Evander Kane and Robin Lehner Want In on Celebrity Boxing Match

On Saturday night there was a pay per view boxing event which included an ex-NBA player Nate Robinson get absolutely knocked out cold by YouTube star, Jake Paul. Turns out Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks and Robin Lehner of the Vegas Golden Knights were watching and want in on the next event.

It didn't end there for the two, as the friendly jabs kept firing all over social media. 

Kane was referring to a night he fought Alex Petrovic three times in the same game. 

No word yet on if either will be lacing up any boxing gloves anytime soon, but if there are two players you don't want to mess with in the NHL, Lehner and his MMA background is one, and the heavy knuckles of Kane is another.
Photo credit:  Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire