NHL Wants Players to Defer Additional Money Next Season

According to reports out of the New York Post, the NHL is asking players to defer 13% of their pay for the upcoming season as the league and the NHLPA continue to work through return-to-play negotiations. 

This idea continues to be discussed as back when the collective bargaining agreement was signed, the NHLPA agreed to a 10% deferral as part of the six-year agreement extension signed in July. The report suggests this money is due to be repaid in equal interest-free installments in October of 2022, 2023 and 2024.

There are some players who would not be able to defer the combined 23%, this is due to their large signing bonuses that have already paid them huge chunks of cash.

 With @NYP_Brooksie reporting deferral ask is up to 23% total, there are 26 players who cannot defer 23% of comp this season even if all of their salary is deferred. This is due to large signing bonuses.

So it's one or the other. Either pro-rated salaries which the players want no part of, or it's deferrals. 

The NHL is planning on beginning next season around January 1st, and the season could be as short as 48 games.

Photo credit:  Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire 

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