Report: Edmonton Oilers Sued By A Dallas Hotel Over Unpaid Bills

Connor McDavid and company may be one of the fastest teams on the ice, and it appears when the bill comes, they are one of the fastest teams off the ice as well. 

Reports have surfaced the Edmonton Oilers have been sued by a Dallas hotel for not cleaning up their tab:

So, not only did the team bounce a check after staying in December, they didn't pay their $27,000 bill from March, neither....tough look for the Oilers.


To note the team won both games 2-1 against the Stars on December 16th 2019, and March 3rd, 2020. Their senior VP, Tim Shipton had this to say about the matter:

We have the same challenges as every business navigating through the … global pandemic. We are working diligently through our business operations & attending to outstanding issues from the unexpected stoppage of last season

Be better, Edmonton. People are watching.  

Photo credit:  Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire