Mark Messier Files Lawsuit Against Alberta-Based Cannabis Company

According to multiple reports, hockey legend Mark Messier lost over $500,000 in an investment with an Alberta-based cannabis company. 

Rick Westhead of TSN reports below in this thread of tweets:

You can't blame Messier for looking for ways to venture out into the business world after hockey, unfortunately he put his trust into the wrong hands. Messier is filing a lawsuit against the CEO of Destiny Bioscience, Ed Moroz, stating the company used his celebrity status to make millions. 

Yahoo sports reports:  

Messier alleges he was granted a personal guarantee that he wouldn’t lose money upon purchasing 125,000 shares at $1.25. However, the business failed miserably and Destiny was placed in receivership in May 2020 after amassing $42 million in debt, with their state-of-the-art facilities in Nisku, Alberta placed for sale

Messier is one of the best hockey players to ever play the game and now has a leadership award named after him. Let's hope he gets back everything he deserves after it all went up in smoke. 

Photo credit: David Saffran/ICON SMI