New York Rangers Refuse to Release Alexis Lafreniere for World Juniors

The New York Rangers have decided it's best for Alexis Lafreniere's hockey development and more importantly his health if he does not participate in the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championships. 

Lafreniere was not originally listed on the training camp roster and Hockey Canada crushed all the dreams as they confirmed Thursday where the Rangers stood on the matter.

The reigning tournament MVP and recent first-overall pick to the extremely lucky Rangers will miss out on one of the best events in hockey. It's a total catch-22 because of the health risks and rightfully so, it's hard to argue with being cautious. 

But at the same time, others side on the development piece. Lafreniere was slated to dominant the tournament again, which is a wonderful shot in the arm of his confidence. 

A confident number one overall pick, riding a high, heads into his first NHL training camp having played intense hockey for two weeks while other players sat around. No idea how you say no to that. 

Then you're reminded we're in the middle of a pandemic, is it really that important? 

Not to the Rangers it isn't. 

Photo credit:  Sean Burges/Icon Sportswire