Which U.S cities may host re-located Canadian teams

Yesterday the NHL announced an agreement with the NHLPA on a 56 game season for 2021. One not so minor detail remains up in the air for the league and that is weather the NHL's seven Canadian teams will play in their home cities. The NHL has been working closely with each Provincial government to allow for a all-Canadian division for the upcoming season. The NHL would like to start the season around January 13th and if they cannot get compliance from the local authorities in Canada, the NHL may be forced to re-locate all 7 Canadian teams. 

The Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch believes that certain U.S cities may have already reached out to Canadian clubs. Garrioch mentions Kansas City, Milwaukee, Austin and Orlando as possible destinations for the Canadian teams to play. This could lead to some intriguing divisional re-alignments. Imagine the Orlando Oilers playing in the same division as the cup champs.... the last three Art Ross winners in the same division. Cities that were not mentioned that may be possible hosts should include Atlanta, New Orleans and Portland. All three cities already host NBA teams and Atlanta has had two previous NHL teams. In 2020 how fitting would it be for Winnipeg to go back to Atlanta for their home games? How about the New Orleans Canadiens??? There is a huge French speaking population in Louisiana, seems like a natural fit. 

We have seen in the other major North American sports leagues that Canadian teams have had to temporarily re-locate due to regional restrictions. The Toronto Raptors are playing in Tampa this NBA season and the Blue Jays played in Buffalo last season in the MLB instead of Toronto. The NHL has discussed playing in HUB cities for Canadian teams as well, but everything is still up in the air as of  Saturday night. The NHLPA is set to meet on Sunday to ratify the proposed agreement for the upcoming season. 

photo credit: Jaylynn Nash/Icon Sportswire