City Of Calgary Workers Dump Gravel On Outdoor Rinks

If you recall to just over one month ago, the Calgary Police aggressively arrested a man for playing hockey on an outdoor rink. Instead of using police resources to monitor the rinks, the city has decided to pour gravel on the rinks to ensure that nobody will skate on the ice. They're not the only municipality to take such measures.

The City of Calgary aren't the only culprits. The City of Chestermere, AB has dumped sand onto their outdoor rinks, citing safety concerns in relation to Covid-19. Additionally, in Canada's capital, Ottawa, ON, sticks and pucks have been banned, but skating is still allowed. Taking proper precautions against the spread of Covid-19 is important right now, but many are becoming more and more upset with the illogical and inconsistent measures taken by government representatives. Shouldn't they know what happens when you upset a hockey player?