Sharks And Evander Kane Sued By Centennial Bank

Well, this isn't the type of headline the NHL wanted to see to start the 2020-21 season.

News has surfaced reporting the San Jose Sharks and forward Evander Kane have both been sued by Centennial Bank. The bank is suggesting Kane owes them north of $8 million dollars as apparently the bank gave Kane a $3.9 million loan for some business opportunities and they haven't been paid back. His massive contract with the Sharks is how he secured the money.

According to the reports, the Sharks were obligated to pay the bank back directly given they are Kane's employer. Allegedly, the bank stopped receiving payment in late 2019. Kane apparently hasn't made a payment since December of last year.

Centennial believes and therefore avers that the borrower has directed the team to discontinue any and all future direct deposits of the pledged payments into the designated account,” the complaint reads, “in violation of the security agreements.

Makes you wonder what's actually going on behind the scenes in Kane's life as he loves to be in the headlines for showing off his stacks on hotel balconies or calling out YouTube stars for boxing matches.