Former NHL'er Rips Pierre McGuire To Shreds

Pierre McGuire has been reported as the leading candidate for the Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager position. He has an extensive resume that may make him one of the most qualified candidates, but former NHL'er, Mike Commodore, has ripped him to shreds, more or less stating that he doesn't have the personality for the job.

It's one thing for Commodore to voice his negative opinion of McGuire, which he did in his recent Twitter comments. However, this harsh take on McGuire is backed with evidence that he is not respected by players or peers within the hockey community. Commodore called McGuire a #Sh**stain and that he would be a total disgrace as a GM

McGuire was discussing his coaching days, where he landed his first ever head coaching job at the NHL level. At age 32, he became the youngest coach in the NHL with the Hartford Whalers. He coached them to a 23-37-7 record and was fired after 6 months on the job. Captain Pat Verbeek called it 'the best thing that could happen to the Whalers' and that McGuire was not respected by the players and was mocked by the other teams. 

In addition to this, NHL Commissioner Gary Betman ruled that McGuire would forfeit half of the remaining salary owed to him by the Whalers in the 1995 season for providing confidential coaching evaluations to the Edmonton Oilers. These evaluations were prepared while he was still employed by the Whalers organization. 

Photographer: Leon T Switzer/ Icon Sportswire 

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