Jujhar Khaira Lays Dirty Hit On Oliver Kylington; Gets Pummelled By Brett Ritchie

The latest Battle of Alberta did not disappoint as the Calgary Flames edged the Edmonton Oilers 4-3. These teams are bitter rivals and displayed their hatred for one another throughout the game.

Jujhar Khaira of the Oilers laid a questionable hit on Oliver Kylington of the Flames. Khaira made direct contact with Kylington's head, but his body position and last minute motions played a role in the hit. Nonetheless, the Flames were unhappy about the hit and Brett Ritchie rose to the occasion. 

Moments later, Ritchie made his way over to Khaira and the two proceeded to drop the gloves. It started off as an even match, but Ritchie landed punch after punch, eventually knocking Khaira down with a devastating blow.

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