Trade Rumor: LA Kings to Make Offer for Jack Eichel

According to several hockey insiders the Los Angeles Kings were one of the teams to contact the Buffalo Sabres this season about a Jack Eichel trade and they are certainly interested now even more after Tuesday's press conference. 

Eichel made it known there's a serious disconnect between him and the organization over a laundry list of things. This includes a surgery procedure that Eichel's camp wanted completed but the Sabres doctors kyboshed. Apparently it's a procedure that no other NHL player has undergone in the past, so there's certainly a level of risk involved. 

As far as the Kings are concerned they have one of the deepest pools of prospects in the NHL and can easily put together a package to entice Kevyn Adams and the Sabres. Eichel does make $10 million a season but on the flip side the Kings have 19 players signed already for next season with over $19 million in cap space available. Look for the Sabres to ask for two forwards including Quinton Byfield and Gabriel Vilardi. The Kings would likely prefer to only have one of those two players involved, with a number of draft picks and other mid-level prospects included instead. 

Interesting times for both franchises as the Sabres are hitting the 'reset' button hard, and the Kings are trying their best to be a contender next season.

Photo credit: © Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports