Washington Capitals in Hot Water Over Tom Wilson 'Violence' Tweet

Every NHL club has a Twitter account and on Monday night it was the Washington Capitals Social Media Coordinator that found themselves in some hot water after tweeting out some defense for Tom Wilson's antics.

ICMYI, Wilson and the Capitals took on the New York Rangers on Monday and chaos ensued in the second period and Wilson was dead smack in the middle of it. First he cross-checked Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich and then proceeded to punch him in the back of the head while he couldn't defend himself. Then Wilson slammed Artemi Panarin to the ice, almost smashing his skull off the ice and doing some serious damage that none of us would have wanted to talk about today.

The Capitals Twitter account then proceeded to tweet this out and promptly deleted it after it's likely their boss lost their mind. Unfortunately for them, the internet never forgets and screen shots happen faster then you can say, 'you're fired'.

Photo credit: © POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports

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