4 Players The Seattle Kraken Could Flip To Other Teams

After the announcement of all the NHL teams' protected lists, we have seen tons of big-name players become available for Seattle to claim. Some of these guys are seasoned veterans while others are big names still playing in their prime. Most of them, however, come with a hefty price tag attached. This shouldn't dissuade Seattle, as it gives them the opportunity to pile up entry draft picks for the coming years by offering these players to other clubs with some salary retained. Here are 4 players the Kraken could draft and then flip to other teams.

Mark Giordano

The Kraken have all but told Calgary that they will be drafting the Flames' captain. The veteran defenceman and Norris Trophy winner would be a strong addition to Seattle's back end. However, should the Kraken struggle in their first year, Gio is also a UFA next summer. He's the type of veteran that lots of teams will be interested in for their playoff push in March, and if Seattle were to take on a chunk of his $6.75 million salary there would certainly be suitors ready to pony up draft picks.

Vladimir Tarasenko

Vlad has been through three shoulder surgeries in the last three years. That's a lot for any team to take on when the player makes $7.5 million for the next two seasons. Can Tarasenko still be the superstar sniper he was just a few years ago? Maybe, but St. Louis is apparently uninterested in trying to find out. Seattle might be though, and with Tarasenko's exposure in the upcoming draft, they could take a chance on the former 40-goal scorer. Or they might rather see what other teams will offer for him. Rumors are that teams were interested in Tarasenko at full price but the return wasn't spectacular. That would likely improve if Seattle were to take on some of his cap hit.

Carey Price

One of the best goaltenders of the last generation, at 33-years old, with salary retained? Every team in the league will have time for that, and the offers would be substantial. The only question is if Seattle would even want to give him up.

Ryan Johansen

Johansen makes $8 million for the next four years. That's without question too much cash for a guy whose production has been on a steep decline for three straight seasons. That said, Johansen still scores at a ~45 point pace, not bad for a remarkably durable 2-way 2nd line centre. If the Kraken were to claim Johansen and then flip him with $2 or $2.5 million retained, there would be teams with depth issues down the middle that would come calling, and picks and prospects would be available as a return. A lot of players see their production fall off while playing in Nashville, would Johansen get back to his ~60pt level of play with a couple skilled wingers and a different system? It's certainly possible.

Who do you think the Kraken should flip for picks and prospects?

Photo credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports