Rumor: Buffalo Sabres May Ship Matthew Tkachuk to St Louis Blues

The Jack Eichel trade saga is heating up as reports continue to fly out surrounding a deal between the Buffalo Sabres and Calgary Flames. According to one rumor, the Sabres could then flip Matthew Tkachuk to the St Louis Blues for a nice package.

This is quite the rumor as Tkachuk has been quite vocal with his representatives that he prefers to play back home in St Louis. The Blues have Vladimir Tarasenko who is still looking to be moved and Robert Thomas is breaking out into a star. Are both Tarasenko and Thomas in the trade too much? Likely so, but this is certainly a counter move to look out for as the Flames and Sabres continue their dialogue.

The Vegas Golden Knights at this point appear to be on the outside looking in, but that could easily change (and since has changed as the deal is complete - Eichel to Vegas). Earlier this week Emily Kaplan of ESPN mentioned the Golden Knights and Flames were on the one-yard line with the Sabres and both were likely presenting their final offers. 

Photo credit:  Jeff Le-USA TODAY Sports