Winnipeg Jets Goalie Thinks NHL Pause is the Wrong Call

Winnipeg Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck isn't a fan of putting a pause on the NHL season even though the COVID-19 outbreaks continue across the league. 

Hellebuyck went as far as to call the pause 'overkill' and thinks the freeze is unwarranted. He recently spoke to the media and had this to say about league operations:

I can't speak for everyone, but the feeling for myself, it's a little overkill. You see leagues like the NFL who are adapting and I think doing things right. t sucks, but you know, it's Christmas time, so we're enjoying the break. Going to use this as a little mental reset, see family, and enjoy the holidays.

It's certainly been some tough times for Hellebuyck recently as he lost his head coach, his chance to represent his country at the Olympics and now the NHL games have halted. As for the NFL, they've dealt with COVID a bit differently then other leagues and haven't gone through an extended pause. 

The NHL is set to return on December 27 but at this time that's in jeopardy as teams across the league deal with outbreaks. If Hellebuyck had his way, taxi squads would return and the games would continue no matter what. 

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Photo credit:  Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports