Russian World Junior Team Kicked Off Flight Home

After what had to be one of the most gut-wrenching ways to end a hockey tournament, all Team Russia wanted to do was go home. While they weren't able to fly out of Alberta right away, after a few days they finally got the call. Turns out the players decided to act like idiots and got kicked off the flight.

Here's more on the report from Michael Franklin of CTV Calgary:

Officials would not share details about what led up to the incident, but social media reports suggest that the Russian coach was not abiding by the airline's pre-flight regulations. It's also believed that Czech players were also told to leave the flight, but police could not confirm those details. Another passenger said the incident resulted in a lengthy delay for the flight, which was destined for Frankfurt, Germany.

Just know that when any of these kids talk to NHL clubs about being drafted, this incident is going to come up and they better have a good excuse as to why they were lighting darts in the back of an airplane.

Photo credit: USATODAY