Video: Alexandre Texier's Beautiful Lob Pass Leads To Blue Jackets Goal

While on the penalty kill, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Alexandre Texier retrieved the puck in the defensive zone. From there, he made a fantastic lob pass to Gustav Nyqvist and the 32-year-old winger would score on the breakaway.

This was a fantastic shift for Texier, as he not only stopped the Hurricanes' offensive chance, but of course set up Nyqvist's goal in the process. Overall, it's been a very solid season for the 22-year-old, as he has 11 goals and 19 points in 30 games. With this, he has already set new career-highs with both of those stats, and it's still just January. 

Although this goal would give the Blue Jackets a 3-0 lead, it wasn't enough for them. They ended losing to the Hurricanes by a 7-4 final score. With this, the Hurricanes now sport a dominant 23-7-1 record, while the Blue Jackets are 15-14-1.

Alas, even with the team collapsing, there's no denying that this was a sweet play by Texier.