Video: Logan Stanley Takes on Tanner Jeannot In A Good Old-Fashioned Tilt

On Thursday night, the Nashville Predators hosted Central Divison rivals the Winnipeg Jets for the first time this season after their first home matchup with the Preds was postponed in December.  Apparently, the two teams didn't miss each other, as they got right into the physical stuff just minutes into the first period.  As you'll see in the play below, the Predators' Tanner Jeannot takes out the Jets' Nate Schmidt from behind which instantly draws the attention of 6'7" Logan Stanley:

Despite Jeannot giving up 5 inches in height, the 24-year-old got the better of Stanley in the exchange, and the Predators got the better of the Jets on the scoreboard, as well, winning 5-2.  The early fisticuffs appeared to give the home team a boost, as Nashville went on to score 3 goals in the first period and never looked back.

The Jets and Predators will play again on February 12th in Winnipeg.

Photo Credit:© Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports