Hockey Writer Has Controversial Take On McDavid

 "There's only one thing wrong with Connor McDavid. He's not playing for a Metropolitan New York team." Those are the words of 90-year-old legendary New York hockey writer Stan Fischler in The Hockey News. 

Fischler says "This guy is just too big for small-town Edmonton. Same as it was with (Wayne) Gretzky and (Mark) Messier back in the 1980s."

After leading the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cups in the 1980s, Gretzky left for star-studded Hollywood in 1988, orchestrating a trade to the Los Angeles Kings. Messier left Alberta for the bright lights of Broadway, leading the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup in 1994. 

McDavid has proven once again who's the greatest player in the world today, as his spectacular play has led the Edmonton Oilers to the Western Conference Finals to take on the Colorado Avalanche. 

But if it was up to the Brooklyn-born Fischler, "Big-time virtuosos belong on the big stage; same as Broadway shows auditioned in New Haven before hitting the Big Apple."

If the New York Rangers can survive Game 7 Monday night against the Carolina Hurricanes, and then somehow defeat the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Finals, then at least McDavid has a shot at playing on Broadway this year. Not sure if that would satisfy Fischler though.