NHL Commissioner Comments on State of the Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are generating a ton of interest off the ice as there's been some speculation brewing about their next owner. From Justin Bieber to management groups, there's been several interesting people linked to the Sens ownership. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman recently met with the media and wanted to clarify the state of Ottawa's franchise.

According to Joshua Clipperton of Canadian Press, Bettman mentioned the following:

The franchise is being professionally run. The club's not on the market. There's no urgency. The club's not unstable. There are no problems.

Bettman confirmed any sale of the team would have to go through the late Eugene Melnyk's daughters who are aged 19 and 23. They will have the final say with the state of the franchise.

One other area of interest is the team's arena. The fanbase would love to see a downtown arena built as their current arena is out of town and hard to get to. Bettman had this to say on the new arena not being off the table: 

That door opens, it closes, it opens and closes. I'm hopeful that maybe at some point it'll happen. Right now we're just focusing on the family's wishes and being supportive of the family at a very difficult time.