NHL Rumors: Boston Bruins May Explore Blockbuster Trade This Summer

In some developing news surrounding what's already been a wild week for the Boston Bruins, reports have surfaced, the Bruins may have to explore trading David Pastrnak this summer. 

The Bruins have Patrice Bergeron to re-sign and have just fired their coach, so any more creeping towards a rebuild and Pastrnak is not going to have any interest in sticking around. The Bruins may want to rethink moving an elite offensive weapon who is on a team-friendly contract.

The 26-year-old is signed for $6.67 million in 2022-23 and is coming off a season where he recorded 77 points in 72 games. Again, why would the Bruins want to move this player? Early indications are this has become pure speculation out of Boston and holds minimal substance. 

At this point it's pretty obvious the Bruins are a mess right now and are a fragile group who needs a head coach and potentially a #1 center. Trading Pastrnak will only happen if the rebuild button is pressed. Right now, it's full send on the panic button.

Photo credit:   Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports