Ex-Canadiens Coach Calls Out Management

All Dominique Ducharme wanted was a fair shake and if you ask the ex-Montreal Canadiens head coach, he doesn't feel that was provided to him from the team's new management regime.

Ducharme met up with The Athletic's Marc Antoine Godin and was very candid about how things went down in Montreal. Needless to say, it's obvious Ducharme expected more from his new boss and just wanted a shot to share some ideas:

If the plan was to lose (as many) games (as) we could and to play the young players, I would have liked to have known because I would have had a different approach with them," Ducharme said. "I was trying to squeeze as much as I could everywhere to try and get some results. I saw teams that had games canceled because five of their players had COVID. We had 10 and another eight who were injured, and we still played …We were always seen as the team that went to the Stanley Cup Final, and that couldn't win. The coaching change sent a message to the fans and the players that 'we're rebuilding, we're going to put our faith in the young players.' The result was no longer important; Martin could talk about moral victories. Me, if I talked about moral victories, I would get ripped.

After leading the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup Final in 2021, Ducharme was relieved of his duties last season. He led the team to a 23-46-14 record over the span of two seasons. 

Photo credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports