NHL Rumors: 4 Teams Linked to Nazem Kadri

The Nazem Kadri sweepstakes are going to be fun to watch as one team will be paying a pretty penny to get his signature on the dotted line. The Colorado Avalanche forward has admitted he's after the bag this summer and is hoping to cash in as he's had himself one of the best contract years in recent memory. Let's take a look at four teams who have serious interest in the pending free-agent forward:

Washington Capitals

The Capitals know Kadri very well from his days with the Toronto Maple Leafs are the Caps are hopeful a chance to win the Stanley Cup is enough to entice him to sign. Washington doesn't have as much cap space as other teams, however a chance to play alongside Alex Ovechkin gives them as good as a shot as any. Niklas Backstrom may never play another NHL game so Washington may have more money to work with then you think.

Calgary Flames

Make no mistake about it, Kadri has been on the Flames radar for years and they've tried multiple times to acquire him. Leafs Nation knows all about this as Kadri was offered to the Flames before the Avalanche and quickly turned down the deal as part of his trade protection he was entitled too. Calgary may lose Johnny Gaudreau and Kadri is on the list for plan B should Johnny Hockey skip town. 

Boston Bruins

The Bruins are in the mix for a number two center who can take over for Patrice Bergeron once he finally retires. Kadri and the Bruins have quite the history and he's the type of intense player the team loves. They have some of the best contract management in the game, so it'd be curious to see just how much they even offer the free agent who will be 32 when next season opens.

Arizona Coyotes

Yes, those Arizona Coyotes who are set to play hockey at a college arena. Turns out they apparently want to start building a hockey team and are no longer just looking for prospects and draft picks to keep their scouts busy. They've recently been linked via some big insiders, so let's see just how aggressive they are in this bidding war.

Photo credit:  © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports