NHL Rumors: Boyle Looking For Opportunity For 2022-23 Season

Brian Boyle, a 37 year old veteran who is now a free agent once again, hopes to play in 2022-23 for an NHL team according to reports from Dave Molinari, writer for the Pittsburgh Penguins. The most likely option for him is something similar to what he got with the Penguins, signing a PTO (professional tryout) and impressing the team.

Boyle put up 11 goals and 21 points in 66 games last season after earning a contract and he was beneficial for the Penguins to have when they were dealing with a ton of injuries. The veteran forward didn't play the season prior and has played for eight different franchises through his 14 year career.

It is likely that Boyle will fit into a bottom-six role with a team and play fourth line center. He has a career 50.1 faceoff percentage in 871 games while recording 141 goals and 25 points. For a forward, Boyle is a strong shot blocker with his size and is extremely physical. A younger team could be looking for that hard-working veteran presence and experience in the playoffs that he has with 124 games.

I don't think it matters to Boyle which team gives him a contract or chance. He has played for many teams, so one more isn't a big deal. He just wants to play in the NHL.

Photo credit: © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports