NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs and Wild Emerging as Trade Partners

After some parents French kissed their way to draft-day viral status on day one of the NHL entry draft, day two from Montreal also provided some candid moments. Including a shot of Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas chatting with Bill Guerin of the Minnesota Wild. 

The two could be figuring out dinner plans, or they could potentially be discussing the asking price on a few players, more specifically Wild netminder Cam Talbot. It was known Guerin and Talbot's reps had a meeting scheduled today, let's check in on how things went:

Then This...

Could be Dubas checking in on how the meeting went, or maybe it was something totally different. The Leafs and Wild are two teams who don't have a bankroll full of cap space to work with as both GM's will have to be creative before opening night next season. For now, looks like they could be doing business together in the very near future. Considering the variables involved, Talbot's name has quickly emerged as a legitimate option for the Maple Leafs crease. 

Photo credit:   © Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports