Update: Flyers' Goaltender Shipped Off to Russian Artic Naval Base

Flyers goaltender Ivan Fedotov has been sent to Severomorsk in the Kola Peninsula at night, according to his lawyer Alexei Ponomarev. Ponomarev had said earlier in the day that Fedotov's whereabouts were unknown, and that he was reportedly missing. 

Severomorsk is the key base and headquarters for Vladimir Putin's Northern Fleet, which is the Russian army's fleet in the artic.

This past weekend, Fedotov was detained at a St. Petersburg ice rink. It was reported that police then took him to a military enlistment office and accused him of trying to dodge the draft. While at the enlistment office, Fedotov suddenly fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. 

Ponomarev told the Russian media that Fedotov was "given some kind of injections" that he didn't understand, and that he and Fedotov's family were not allowed to see the goalie. 

The Flyers just signed Fedotov to a one-year entry-level contract in May. He will miss the upcoming season, at the very least.

Just an absolutely bizzare and scary story for Fedotov and his family.

Photo Credit:  George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports