Wayne Gretzky Hit With $10 Million Lawsuit Over Weight Loss Chewing Gum

Hockey icon Wayne Gretzky has been hit with a $10 million lawsuit over a weight loss gum lie. The story appeared via Yahoo Sports, alleges Gretzky is being sued for lying about losing weight via chewing gum.

As per the report: 

According to court documents filed in Los Angeles and obtained by TMZ, plaintiff Steven Sparks, who claims to have created a "natural gum used to manage weight" called "OMG gum," alleges in the lawsuit that he hired Wayne's wife, Janet, to promote his product.

Sparks claims, however, that things started going downhill after Wayne made up a lie about the product Janet was paid to promote — saying he lost 35 pounds in two months from chewing the gum. Sparks believes Wayne made up the lie to help boost the company's stock, which Gretzky "surreptitiously purchased under his family's name," per TMZ.
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Sounds like a sticky situation and someone should have burst the bubble long ago. Not sure how Gretzky got involved in the first place but it's been a wise move for him to stick to his winery business. 

Let's hope for the hockey legends sake, everything works out and he can clear his name of any wrong doing. For the complete story, click here.  

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