What Bergeron's Contract Does For The Bruins in 2022-23

Patrice Bergeron is the ultimate team player and a reason the Boston Bruins have had success for so long. He leads by example and continues to take pay cuts which have rubbed off on the team as a whole. He insisted on taking a big pay cut despite winning yet another Selke Trophy last season because he said money isn't nearly as important as the success of the team.

By signing a one-year, $2.5 million contract, it helps a team right up against the cap for next season. You can see the effects of players signing for cheaper because of the culture Bergeron was a part of creating. Brad Marchand is still signed for $6.125 million AAV and David Pastrnak has a cap hit of $6.667 million.

The Bruins captain was also quoted as saying "I think leaving a few dollars on the table really makes a big difference. The money isn't important. Boston is my home." Bergeron has spent all 18 seasons of his career with the Bruins and has made an amazing case for the Hall of Fame once he retires. He has recorded 400 goals and 982 points so far through 1216 regular season games, won five Selke Trophies, and has been a Selke finalist for 11 consecutive seasons. He has also won the Mark Messier Leadership Award and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy.

Bergeron has also had a ton of playoff success, winning a Stanley Cup, appearing in three finals, and scoring 49 goals and 127 points in 167 games. This may be one of the final kicks at the can for the Bruins before they have to restructure their lineup to become real contenders again. There are a couple of injuries to star players that are going to seep into next season, but Bergeron returning for cheap allowed the team to remain intact and be primed for another push.

Photo credit: © James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports