Blues Captain Comments on Future in St Louis

St Louis Blues captain Ryan O'Reilly knows things will work out one way or another. The veteran center was one of the Blues players mentioned this season by management as players who won't be receiving a contract extension in season. Instead, the team wants to focus on winning and O'Reilly wants to do the same. Light chatter at this point would be one way to put it. 

The Stanley Cup champion and Conn Smythe winner is not concerned in the least about how things will play out:

I feel like because we have such a good team and some new faces, the focus is getting ready for the season. But, obviously, we've kind of started some dialogue. There's just no real rush. We've got a long time to figure that out and I'm not worried. I don't think (general manager) Doug (Armstrong) is worried either. It'll work itself out as it goes. The focus here is on training camp and getting in shape and getting ready to go. "I think if I was younger, I think it would be more of an issue and such, but I feel like I've been established. I kind of know where I stand. There's no real urgency. Hopefully, we find a way to make it work. I feel I'm happy with just waiting and just focusing on the season.

O'Reilly put up 58 points in 78 games last season and has been the Blues captain since 2020. He was disappointed and surprised the team didn't re-sign David Perron, however it's very likely he'll re-sign a new deal in St Louis next summer. If not, O'Reilly will be one of the biggest names on the free-agent market come July 1.

Photo credit:   Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports