NHL Rumors: Free Agent Danny Dekeyser Hoping To Sign 1-Year Contract

Danny Dekeyser, a 10-year NHL veteran, is searching for a team to play for in 2022-23. He is coming off of a six year, $30 million contract spent entirely with the Detroit Red Wings that saw his role dwindle the past few seasons. He has never been a top pairing defenseman, but he has fit in nicely on the second pairing in more of a defensive role and is now a third pairing defender at best.

Greg Wyshynski reported that " Danny Dekeyser's agent is confident he's going to get a deal before training camp, likely a 1-year, $1 million-ish 'show me' contract." For a third pairing option who is defensively-minded, hits, blocks shots, and kills penalties, that sort of money is acceptable. Many teams like adding a veteran presence that will defend well for their bottom pair. If the team also has a young defenseman, pairing them together allows for easier growth with room for mistakes and mentorship.
Dekeyser's better offensive days are behind him and he starts many more shifts in the defensive zone. His agent mentions a "show-me" contract, but it doesn't appear like Dekeyser is going to be getting any big offers in the future even if he does have a good season. He's now 32 and has been on the decline for a few seasons while he consistently misses games due to injury.

I do think a team will take a chance on him this offseason, but don't expect a big year from Dekeyser by any means. It is likely he will be competing for a spot on whichever team decides to bring him on.

Photo credit:  © Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports