Ex-Canucks Employee Files Human Rights Complaint

Rachel Doerrie, a former Vancouver Canucks employee is taking her fight to court as Doerrie filed a human rights complaint against the organization and assistant general manager Emilie Castonguay. 

Doerrie came out on Sunday night via Twitter and mentioned she had been broken the past couple of months and she felt ruined. Doerrie feels she was wrongfully dismissed and suffered damage to her dignity, self-esteem, and physical and mental health due to how Castonguay spoke to her, specifically about her mental disability related to PTSD. 

Doerrie is claiming the Canucks wrongfully terminated her, meanwhile Canucks GM Patrik Allvin informed her she was let go because she spoke to the media about her promotion. Something Doerrie has denied. 

Here's what the Canucks had to say Sunday night, however this one is long from over:

These allegations by Ms. Doerrie are absolutely not true, and her allegations of what I said to her are false and inaccurate. At no time was Ms. Doerrie treated differently due to gender, a mental disability, or a physical condition. We strongly disagree with the allegations brought forth by Ms. Doerrie. Our organization provided Ms. Doerrie with all the necessary resources, support, and opportunities to succeed in her role. We acted in good faith and abided by our contractual obligations, both during and after Ms. Doerrie's employment with the organization.

Doerrie was diagnosed with PTSD in 2018, with associated panic and anxiety attacks and depression. Here's more from Doerrie below:

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